5 Tips for “Right-Sizing”

Condo Living/Dining

Kelmscott Park checks all the boxes for buyers looking to downsize, or “right-size”. The beautifully landscaped community is maintenance-free; features big-city amenities like an onsite gym and indoor and outdoor lounges; and is within walking distance to downtown Lake Forest and the Metra UP North Line.  For buyers interested in making the move to a “right-sized” home, the team at Kelmscott Park has put together the following list of tips to ensure a smooth transition.

  1. Don’t Be Afraid of Change!

Downsizing is a great opportunity to start fresh when it comes to style and décor and the gracious floorplans and high-end finishes at Kelmscott Park offer the perfect canvas. Can’t part with some existing pieces? Try reupholstering or refinishing them in some different fabric, color or stain for a whole new look. Or maybe it’s time to acquire some new furniture or artwork to make your new space feel updated.

  1. Take it One Room at a Time

The first step to downsizing is making a plan and sticking with it. The best way to plan a head is to separate the moving process by one room or one area, like your living room or kitchen pantry and tackle each room slowly over time. This will help you focus, keep organized, and check things off your list one thing at a time, without getting overwhelmed!

  1. Figure Out Your New Lifestyle Needs

You are most likely downsizing for a particular reason. Maybe it’s because your kids just went off to college and you no longer need a larger home, or you simply just want to reduce costs. Either way, now is the time to determine what you want to bring with you in your new home and donate or gift the rest to friends or local charities. Downsizing is also the perfect opportunity to switch things up aesthetically. Now that the kids are out of the house, invest in that white couch you’ve always wanted. Keep in mind, life at Kelmscott Park is maintenance-free, so leave your lawn mower behind!

  1. Make Sure to Measure

When so much of the downsizing process is doing away with the old, it’s easy to forget about the things you want to keep!  It’s important to measure existing furniture and the new space you are moving into, prior to move-in day. Pro-tip: Make sure to measure the width of doorways, staircases and elevators (couches have a tendency to get stuck in these tight spaces).

  1. Have an Estate Sale

Having an estate sale is the best way for you to sell the belongings you no longer need or have room for in your new home.  Estate sales are typically managed by a professional company who will sort and organized the items you’d like to sell and also orchestrate the pricing, advertising and logistics. After the sale, they will even arrange for a local charity to pick up any items that didn’t sell.  Reach out to a member of the Kelmscott Park team for a trusted estate sale referral.

While “right sizing” can seem overwhelming at times, when you unpack (pun intended) the process with these easy steps it becomes less of a task, and more of an exciting new opportunity to start fresh.

Kelmscott Park is a luxury, maintenance-free community located in downtown Lake Forest, offering gracious condominiums ranging from 1,528 – 2,565 SF and single-family homes ranging from 3-5 bedrooms.

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