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By July 23, 2021Press Release

First Floor Primary Suites

As the baby boomer generation continues to age and family dynamics shift, the move toward first floor primary suites has significantly grown in popularity. And while housing trends are constantly shifting to accommodate buyers’ demands, as a larger segment of people continue to live longer and require added conveniences, this is a demographic that will continue to command more and more attention. In a nod to this burgeoning trend, all of Kelmscott Park’s residences feature first floor primary suites.

Perhaps the most obvious benefit of a first-floor suite is that it eliminates the need for climbing stairs, so it’s common sense that avoiding multi-level homes and other obstacles are a value-add for many buyers. But there is a myriad of reasons first-floor suites are more appealing than ever before. They are usually closer to the most frequently used spaces within a home, including the kitchen, living room and outdoor patio – making the home more accessible for residents and central to much of the activity.

And, according to @properties Andra O’Neill, homes designed with a first-floor premier suite generally sell faster and at a higher asking price. “We’ve seen the desirability of properties with main-floor suites increase ten-fold,” said O’Neill. “It allows for increased flexibility for so many buyers.”

While current needs may not yet demand a first-floor suite, it will ultimately enable a homeowner to age in place – remaining in one’s current home for the duration of their mature years. This is increasingly important as a growing number of individuals seek to stay in their own homes for as long as possible. Additionally, it can offer a family member with a disability, or someone recovering from surgery or an injury a better alternative to taking the stairs.

The shift toward first-floor suites has also become increasingly popular for younger families as they seek to provide more defined living space throughout the home. This translates to added privacy for adults with easier access to main floor amenities, as well as more flexible space upstairs for children, including playrooms, private bathrooms or homework space.

Kelmscott Park offers a variety of floor plans to accommodate various lifestyle needs, including several single family home floorplans with first floor premier suites. Reach out today to book a consultation.