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First Floor Primary Suites

As the baby boomer generation continues to age and family dynamics shift, the move toward first floor primary suites has significantly grown in popularity. And while housing trends are constantly shifting to accommodate buyers’ demands, as a larger segment of people continue to live longer and require added conveniences, this is a demographic that will continue to command more and more attention. In a nod to this burgeoning trend, all of Kelmscott Park’s residences feature first floor primary suites.

Perhaps the most obvious benefit of a first-floor suite is that it eliminates the need for climbing stairs, so it’s common sense that avoiding multi-level homes and other obstacles are a value-add for many buyers. But there is a myriad of reasons first-floor suites are more appealing than ever before. They are usually closer to the most frequently used spaces within a home, including the kitchen, living room and outdoor patio – making the home more accessible for residents and central to much of the activity.

And, according to @properties Andra O’Neill, homes designed with a first-floor premier suite generally sell faster and at a higher asking price. “We’ve seen the desirability of properties with main-floor suites increase ten-fold,” said O’Neill. “It allows for increased flexibility for so many buyers.”

While current needs may not yet demand a first-floor suite, it will ultimately enable a homeowner to age in place – remaining in one’s current home for the duration of their mature years. This is increasingly important as a growing number of individuals seek to stay in their own homes for as long as possible. Additionally, it can offer a family member with a disability, or someone recovering from surgery or an injury a better alternative to taking the stairs.

The shift toward first-floor suites has also become increasingly popular for younger families as they seek to provide more defined living space throughout the home. This translates to added privacy for adults with easier access to main floor amenities, as well as more flexible space upstairs for children, including playrooms, private bathrooms or homework space.

Kelmscott Park offers a variety of floor plans to accommodate various lifestyle needs, including several single family home floorplans with first floor premier suites. Reach out today to book a consultation.

Downsizing Questions Answered: Will Less Mean More for You?

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As kids start to fly the proverbial coop and your needs begin to evolve into something different, you may be considering downsizing. That often-discussed term among empty-nesters and the retirement set need not be feared, but rather approached soundly and with enough information to make an informed decision that will ultimately empower you to achieve the lifestyle you’re looking for. You’ll want to begin by asking yourself several important questions.

Does your current house meet your needs?

Often times we’re in search of more condensed space once children leave the house. While decreasing square footage, you don’t want to compromise on common space. For example, you may require fewer bedrooms and bathrooms, but don’t skimp on open space for entertaining and house guests. Perhaps with more free time on your hands you’ll want to utilize the kitchen more frequently or engage in hobbies that require extra mixed-use space. With units at Kelmscott Park offering two or three bedrooms, gourmet kitchens with open floor plans and plenty of outdoor entertainment space, there are a multitude of options to fit the needs of a buyer looking for little less day-to-day space, while maintaining the ability to host guests for a dinner party or extended stay.

How much does it cost to downsize?

Moving into a smaller space can oftentimes result in a financial savings. While you’ll want to factor in more than just the list price of your smaller space, with historically low interest rates, you’re likely to realize some degree of savings. You’ll also want to take into account real estate and moving fees, as well as taxes or any association dues if you’re moving into a housing community. Downsizing can also result in long term energy savings, especially when choosing energy efficient new construction options. And while there are always hidden fees when moving, the goal of downsizing is to ultimately reduce expenses while eliminating extraneous space and responsibility.

Is your current home overwhelming you with maintenance?

Yardwork and basic household chores can begin to feel overwhelming later in life. A large yard with copious amounts of landscaping are no longer required amenities and maybe even more of a nuisance. Look for options that may have smaller yards but don’t sacrifice on patio space. Some communities, including Kelmscott Park, provide a maintenance-free lifestyle with a grounds crew on-site to take care of any required landscaping or small maintenance.

Before you begin considering changes and downsizing to a smaller home, a good place to start may simply be downsizing your belongings and assessing what you really need moving forward. Moving can be a stressful time but ultimately, the result should be rewarding and meet your needs for years to come.

To learn more about the downsizing success stories at Kelmscott Park, or to tour one of our available homes – please reach out today.

Kelmscott Park Welcomes the Rauschers Back to the North Shore

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After accommodating their careers with a move to the Boston area in 2001, Jamie and Steve Rauscher were recently drawn back to Lake Forest and The Residences at Kelmscott Park. They were familiar with the area after having lived in nearby Lincolnshire for 18 years, where they raised their two sons who were both born at Lake Forest Hospital. The convenience of working from home, and the desire to be closer to family, propelled them to make a change that allowed them to be closer to their loved ones while also enjoying a familiar place — with the benefits of a vibrant community and close proximity to Lake Michigan’s shoreline.

When they found Kelmscott Park, Jamie and Steve both knew the amenities and location would contribute to the ease of lifestyle they were searching for, while also providing the space and flexibility Kelmscott’s condominium units offer. In fact, they have already modified the den/third bedroom in their  unit, converting  it into a media room that can double as a guest bedroom for their young grandchildren. The Rauscher’s were kind enough to share the journey that led them to their new home while also telling us what they love about Lake Forest.

What were your motivations for moving?

By 2017, both of our children had finished college and married. They had moved to the Midwest and our first grandchild was on the way. We were living in a house in Lexington, MA that was much too big for two people. While we knew we wanted to downsize, we weren’t sure where we wanted to live. We considered a condo or townhome in the greater Boston area, where we had lived for many years.

At the same time, we wanted to be closer to family and many of our long-time friends. With our children in the Midwest, and Jamie’s family near Lake Forest, we began to consider moving back to the area.

During your home search, what were the must-have features on your list?

Our home in Massachusetts was about 4,300 square feet and we wanted to downsize but still have plenty of room, so we focused on condos and townhomes with at least 2,000 square feet. Additionally, we wanted two parking spots in an attached garage, which we initially found very difficult to find. Other non-negotiables on our list centered around location, as we wanted to be close to parks, bike paths, beaches, a downtown area with walkable restaurants and shopping, a train station for easy trips to the city, as well as a high-quality health care affiliated with a top academic institution.

How did you first learn about Kelmscott Park? 

After a couple of trips to Chicago, we narrowed our search down to Highland Park and Lake Forest. We wanted to be closer to the lake and saw an advertisement for Kelmscott Park. We immediately decided to book a showing during our next visit.

What made you decide to purchase a home at Kelmscott Park?

Kelmscott Park immediately matched on our list of location must-haves, its proximity to shopping, restaurants, a bustling downtown, along with beach access and recreation made it second-to-none. Being in Lake Forest was also very important to us, as we love the surrounding community and residents. Additionally, the common space at Kelmscott Park is a significant benefit as we can still enjoy beautiful landscaping and outdoor space without having to take care of a yard. There is also optional access to a  party room and fitness center in the apartment complex across the courtyard. It goes without saying that new construction was a big selling point, because we weren’t interested in remodeling. The design and upscale finishes were just an added benefit – we love the large windows, hardwood floors, custom cabinetry, spacious premiere bathroom and closets.

Which residence/floor plan did you choose and why?

We chose a 2,200 square foot condo unit with two bedrooms and a den that can double as a guest room or media room. As part of our downsizing journey, we visited many different properties, even before we were ready to move. This seemed like just the right amount of space for our needs. The configuration of this unit was what we were looking for because we required flexible living space that could do double duty. We also wanted a condo rather than a single-family home because we wanted to spend less time on household maintenance and more time with our grandchildren.

What do you enjoy most about living at Kelmscott Park?

We love being  close to all of the amenities we were seeking, and we love living in Lake Forest. Life during the pandemic has been difficult for everyone, but it has been much more bearable in our new home.

What do you like to do in your spare time?

Freed from the responsibility of owning a large home, we have more time to visit with family and participate in various recreational activities. We both play tennis in the summer and platform tennis in the winter, so we spend a lot of time at Lake Forest Club. We enjoy taking walks and bike rides throughout the area’s many designated trails and paths. We both enjoy reading, so having the Lake Forest Public Library down the street is very convenient! Steve also takes advantage of the surrounding golf courses with old friends once or twice a week, while Jamie enjoys cooking and baking, for which the spacious kitchen and high-end appliances are perfect.

We’re looking forward to life post-COVID-19 when we can resume traveling, going out to dinner and concerts at nearby Ravinia Festival.

To learn more about Kelmscott Park and to explore available homes, please reach out today.

Flex Your Space; Dens Deliver Advantages Beyond an Extra Sofa and Chair

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The layout of a home and efficient use of flex space has, of course, always been essential. But as we find ourselves navigating within a pandemic and post-pandemic environment, additional square footage for at-home activities has never been more important. Several of the Kelmscott Park units boast generous dens allowing today’s buyer a multitude of ways to creatively use additional space while reflecting your own needs and style.

Home office but make it cross-functional

One of the more traditional uses for a bonus room is as a home office. Having an ergonomic desk, bookshelves and organizational units offers those working from home a secluded area that enhances productivity. But functionality need not be boring or one-dimensional. Add a comfy chair along-side the bookshelves and the space quickly doubles as a library for a quiet reading escape. Select versatile, easy-to-move furniture to conveniently switch up the look and feel of the room or transition the space for multiple uses. In what is one of the more quintessential uses for extra space, an office or study provides a dedicated room for working from home or simply a quiet place to conduct a phone call.

Dens that double as an extra guest room

If overnight guests are expected frequently, perhaps a pullout sofa is in order. Couple it with a television and functional end tables and a cozy den easily transforms into the perfect guestroom. And if those guests happen to be little ones or grandkids, there is plenty of room for bean bags, easels or art tables, an additional chest of drawers, or organizational shelving for books and toys. This tucked-away space will leave you and your guests with all the room you need to enjoy each other’s company without it ever feeling like they’ve overstayed their welcome.

Home gyms and hobby space

At-home exercise has become one of the biggest trends over the last year. An extra room can easily be utilized for exercise equipment ranging from cardio machines such as a stationary bike or treadmill, to free weights and a yoga mat. Take your workout to the next level by installing some wall mirrors and a shelf for towels, bottled water and candles. You’ll no longer have an excuse to ever skip a workout, as it will never be easier or closer to get to the gym!

Designating an area for your favorite hobby provides a great opportunity to really focus on what you love to do. An extra room allows you to build a space for painting, writing, crafts, practicing music and more. Incorporate shelves to store supplies or a table for large projects and you’ll soon find it easier than ever to get lost in your free time. Or dedicate the space for a piano or other instrument for a more private place to get lost in the sounds of your own music.

Regardless of your needs, the value of a flex room can’t be overstated. Ideas are only limited by creativity when determining how to best use a traditional den for your own needs. Above all, not only does the extra space allow for a unique room you might have not otherwise incorporated into your home, it also contributes to further organization no matter how you use it. Kelmscott Park offers spacious floor plans, many with flex space that can accommodate your evolving needs. Whether a game room, entertainment room or ultimate relaxation space, your home will offer you further flexibility to fit your needs during those times when it may be more difficult to get out, or you simply require a space that caters to your dynamic lifestyle.

To learn more about the Kelmscott Park Community and to explore floorplans with flex space, reach out today.

Lake Forest’s Turnaround Year

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For the town of Lake Forest, one of the silver linings to the many challenges of 2020 was a big turnaround in the local real estate market. Spurred by the COVID-19 pandemic, area housing rebounded as homebuyers sought to accommodate lifestyle changes such as working from home, e-learning, and the desire for more space – inside and out. As a result, Lake Forest home sales increased a whopping 55% vs. 2019, and the average sales price rose 7.4% to $923,406 (BrokerMetrics LLC).

Perhaps most telling was the huge upswing in sales activity we saw over the summer. Year over year, the number of homes under contract increased 144% in June and Months’ Supply of Inventory plummeted to 3.3 months, down from 14.2 for the same period in 2019.

While Lake Forest’s resurgence came faster than anyone would’ve expected, it wasn’t entirely unforeseen. @properties co-founder Thad Wong predicted back in January 2020 that Lake Forest was primed for a strong year.

We’ve seen this trend play out at Kelmscott Park as well, with sales up 100% compared to the same time in 2019. “Buyers’ desire for more square footage and outdoor space translated to more demand in the suburbs and Kelmscott Park in particular,” said @properties broker, Andra O’Neill. “The large floor plans and lush landscapes at Kelmscott Park are a natural choice for buyers looking for more space in a beautiful suburban setting.”

Projects like Kelmscott Park fulfill today’s homebuyers’ desires with spacious condo and single-family home floorplans, as well as a wealth of amenities and outdoor living. Kelmscott Park buyers also maintain some of the same conveniences of the city, with easy access to the town’s shops and restaurants, Lake Forest’s Metra station, and Lake Michigan.

So, what’s in store for 2021? More of the same. Inventory in Lake Forest remains low as the market continues to move this winter. Furthermore new construction hasn’t caught up with demand, making communities like Kelmscott Park particularly attractive to homebuyers. To learn more about the community, visit

9 Ways to Make Your Home More Energy Efficient

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Energy is one of the highest costs of homeownership. Fortunately, there are several steps you can take to ensure that you save energy—and, in turn, save money and the environment.

Here are 9 ways to make your home more energy efficient:

Lower Your Thermostat

Save energy in the winter by lowering your thermostat when you’re asleep or away from home. This slows down heat loss and saves energy while your system works a lot less hard. This same concept can be applied in the summertime when you set the thermostat to a higher temperature. In addition to saving money, the habit of adjusting your thermostat will also save you a chunk of change on your next heating and cooling bill.

Check Your AC Unit

Make sure your HVAC system has a high seasonal energy efficiency rating (SEER). A higher rating is better for efficiency and will help you manage cooling and heating costs. At Kelmscott Park, we’ve installed 15 SEER condensing units for cooling, which offers up to 50% higher efficiency than a standard air conditioner. These save a lot of money and require less energy to function.

Then Check Your Gas Furnace

Let’s face it: come wintertime, your gas furnace is your best friend. That’s why it’s imperative that you have an up-to-date furnace that’s in good condition for those brutal winter months. Look for high efficiency gas furnaces noted by “AFUE,” which stands for annual fuel utilization efficiency. At Kelmscott Park, we have 96% AFUE gas furnaces that are designed to conserve energy and save you money.

Compost Old Food

Rather than tossing food scraps in the trash, keep them in a container or in a pile outside. The food decomposes into organic material, which can then be added to soil to help plants grow. The process keeps materials out of landfills and creates an all-natural fertilizer for all of your plant and landscaping needs. For a list of items that can be composted, check out this article from The Spruce.

Install Low-Flow Showerheads and Toilets

According to HGTV, “showers are responsible for up to 30% of typical household water use.” Low-flow shower heads mitigate the amount of water wasted, and make a big impact when it comes to conserve water and energy. They also lower annual heating costs and reduce your monthly water bill. Low-flow toilets also have added energy efficiency benefits, and are included in every home at Kelmscott Park.

Turn Off the Water

Speaking of water, did you know that you could save up to 8 gallons of water by turning off the tap when you brush your teeth in the morning and at night? Imagine how much that could add up over time! Conserving water is an essential way of saving energy, so be sure to turn off those running faucets and fix those leaky pipes.

Keep It Cold

According to the Energy Department, water heating accounts for the second largest energy expense in your home. Washers use 90% of energy to heat the water and 10% to actually run the motor. You can use less energy by washing your clothes with cold water and, when possible, air drying them instead of using the dryer.

Unplug Unused Chargers and Devices

Avoid “energy vampires” by unplugging all unused cell phone and battery charges when they aren’t in use. Energy vampires are responsible for approximately 10% of your energy bill, so unplug your chargers, devices, electronics, and appliances when you can.

Use ENERGY STAR® Products

ENERGY STAR® products use less energy than regular products, and meet strict criteria set by the US Energy Protection Agency or the US Department of Energy. From air conditioners to refrigerators to washers and dryers, there are a wide range of ENERGY STAR® products to choose from that are made to help you save energy. We’ve included several optional Energy Star appliances at Kelmscott Park, including washer/dryer packages, refrigerators and

For more information on Kelmscott Park, visit

Lake Forest’s real estate market was dead. Then came COVID.

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The very things holding the suburb back—big traditional homes far from the city—are now attractive during the pandemic.

By: Dennis Rodkin

Crain’s Chicago Business

In the fall of 2017, the real estate market in Lake Forest had been so slow for so long that officials launched an ad campaign that used such slogans as “Safety has found a home here.”

At the time, that line was meant to appeal to families who were worried about rising gun violence and other crime in Chicago, but three years later, there’s “a different kind of safety people are looking for,” says Deborah Fischer, a Berkshire Hathaway HomeServices Chicago agent who was part of the group that organized the “Welcome Home” campaign.

A safe place to live is now “a big house on big property where you can safely social distance,” Fischer says. “We have those.”

Widespread lifestyle changes prompted by the pandemic—working, schooling and getting recreation all at home—have lifted many real estate markets this year as people trade up to larger spaces, commuting worries behind them since working full time in an office again is an open question. Few markets in the Chicago area have felt the shift as sharply as Lake Forest, which turned almost overnight from a moribund housing market into one of the suburbs’ most dynamic.

More homes sold in the six months just ended than in each of the four 12-month periods before that. Midwest Real Estate data reports 367 homes sold in the six-month period ended Oct. 25. Yearly average sales volume has averaged 320.

Lake Forest was among the suburbs where Crain’s reported sales in August were double what they’d been a year before, and in September sales were up 130 percent: 60 homes sold, compared to 26 in September 2019.

A year ago, the inventory of homes on the market in Lake Forest could fuel 14 months of sales. Now there’s roughly three months’ inventory.

“It’s been crazy,” says Corky Peterson, another Berkshire agent in Lake Forest. “The number of people looking up here from the city has skyrocketed.”

“They’re coming from Chicago but from other suburbs, too,” says Andra O’Neill, an @properties agent. The draw is the same wherever they come from, she says: “bigger space, bigger property, good prices and lower taxes.” The predominant property tax rate in Lake Forest is 5.3 percent, the lowest of any municipality in Lake or Cook County.

Sales records don’t show where buyers come from. But Peterson and three other agents all say much, but not all, of the increased buying is by families moving from the city.

Peterson represented buyers from Lincoln Park who paid $4 million for a 19th-century colonial revival on Westminster Avenue in mid-October. He declines to name them, and county records don’t yet identify them, but Peterson says the 10,800-square-foot home suits their need for home offices and school space. The 2.6-acre property includes an outdoor pool, and it’s a few blocks west of the town beach and a few blocks east of the Metra station and Lake Forest’s gracious century-old Market Square downtown center.

The setting is reassuringly like Lincoln Park, with the lakefront, shopping, dining and CTA all close at hand.

While Lake Forest’s mansions used to feel too old, too big and priced too high, a lot has changed in the interim.

Too old? Not a problem. “When you’re working from home, you don’t want that open plan,” Fischer says. “You want libraries, double libraries for him and her.”

Too big? Space is the primary luxury in a year of shutdowns.

Priced too high? Asking prices have dropped after years of slow sales. Typical is the 10,000-square-footer on Circle Lane that came on the market in October 2015 at nearly $6.75 million and lingered for years, with occasional price cuts. In March 2020, the price came down again, to just under $3.7 million, and in August it landed a buyer. The sale closed in late October at the last asking price.

The median price of a home sold in Lake Forest in the first nine months of 2020 is about $740,000, up 0.7 percent or essentially flat with the same period last year, according to monthly statistics from the Chicago Association of Realtors and MRED.

Historically low interest rates, while not unique to Lake Forest, are also giving buyers more bang for their buck in house shopping.

With few people commuting now and the possibility that the five-days-in-office workday may be gone for good, “some say we are not as far from Chicago as previously thought,” says Mona Hellinga, a Berkshire Hathaway HomeServices Chicago agent.

Will the comeback in Lake Forest’s real estate market last? No one can say, but real estate agents are confident, in part because “people are finding the value we always knew was here,” Fischer says, and in part because more pandemics and shutdowns may lie ahead.

The $4 million buyers on Westminster, Peterson says, are keeping their Lincoln Park home for weekends. Down the line, they may move back there and make the Lake Forest house their weekender.

“People who lived in the city don’t want to give that up, but this year they want refuge,” says Kelly McInerney, an @properties agent. “I think some of the bigger Lake Forest homes that were bought this year will become second homes” when life returns to normal.

In that, she says, “it would be back to the old days,” when Lake Forest was a hub of country estates and gentlemen’s farms for the wealthy elite of Chicago.

My Perfect Day in Lake Forest

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My Perfect Day in Lake Forest

By: Andra O’Neill

Lake Forest is a special place. From its local restaurants and shops to its diverse natural surroundings, it’s a tight-knit community with a lot to offer.  When I have days off or am in between appointments, I love exploring the city and visiting my favorite spots. Here’s how I spend a day in Lake Forest.

I begin my day hiking a few miles of the trail at Middlefork Savanna Forest Preserve. This hidden gem has over 600 acres of incredible nature and is the best place to jumpstart the morning. I follow up my hike with a stop at Evereve. The store has great basics, as well as comfortable athletic gear, so I can always find a cute item to buy. I stop by Courtyard Wines to grab a bottle of wine for a friend’s housewarming party later in the week and walk over to Lake Forest Food & Wine for a quick lunch, where the staff always greets me with a warm smile and incredible service. My go-to order is the chicken and Havarti roll, it’s healthy and easy to eat on the go. After lunch, I like to do a bit more shopping, and walk around the corner to Lake Forest Bookstore to grab a new book. I love that everything is close together downtown, and that I never have to go far to find my latest read or client gift.

A new book in hand, I take Deerpath Road towards Lake Forest Beach. It’s only a 30-minute walk, so when the weather permits, I like to put in my headphones and listen to music as I head to the shore. The beach is clean and is a frequent haunt for residents come summertime. There’s a playground, volleyball court, and, of course, the beach itself, which is the perfect spot for unwinding. I often come here to read by the water and relax and find that it’s one of the most beautiful beaches on the North Shore.

My favorite way to end the day in Lake Forest is with dinner and drinks at Deer Path Inn. The historic landmark’s English Room serves an expansive list of fresh and delicious meals. I like to dine on the Courtyard patio with friends and family, and always order the cobb salad. For a more casual meal I like visit The Bar at Deer Path for their super fresh sushi selection.

Lake Forest really sells itself but if you need more convincing, come visit me at the Kelmscott Park sales model where I’d love to share more about my experiences and the hidden treasures Lake Forest has to offer.

With only a few condominium units left time is running out to take advantage of the only new construction luxury option in Lake Forest. Reach out today to learn more about our fantastic closeout prices and to schedule a tour. 

Al Fresco Dining in Lake Forest

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Food and drinks always taste better outside. Surrounded by natural beauty and a gorgeous downtown area, there are plenty of restaurants in Lake Forest that fit the bill. Here are five of our favorite spots to enjoy a meal al fresco.

Deer Path Inn

Voted Travel + Leisure’s top resort in the Midwest for the second year in a row, Deer Path Inn offers a  heralded dining experience. Locals gravitate toward the secluded atmosphere of The English Room’s courtyard patio, which boasts beautiful lighting, warm décor, a fountain, and a fireplace. Start dinner with the Ahi Tuna Nachos and follow up with the Cider Fish N’ Chips or Chicken Picatta as you embrace the warmth of summer’s final days.

The English Room also serves breakfast, brunch, and lunch, as well as the inn’s coveted “Afternoon Tea” dining experience, which has seatings Tuesday through Saturday between 2:30 to 3:30 pm.

Kuro Bistro

What was once a Burger King featured in the movie Ordinary People has become home to Kuro Bistro. Serving up a contemporary approach to Asian cuisine, Kuro Bistro’s patio is the perfect place to taste therestaurant’s standout dishes and fresh flavors. Order the

Hawaiian Taco starter and Summer 13 roll for a meal that’s sure to secure your next visit.

Francesca’s Intimo

A Lake Forest staple since 2001, Francesca’s Intimo brings the taste of Rome, Tuscany, Umbria, and Lazio to the North Shore. Enjoy a glass of wine on the patio and be sure to order the Salmone Alla Fresca, a grilled salon dish with avocado, basil, and lemon over asparagus. You can’t go wrong with the Pollo Alla Salvia, which comes with a sautéed chicken breast that’s topped with prosciutto and mozzarella.

The Peanut Gallery

Sister restaurant to The Gallery, The Peanut Gallery answers Lake Forest’s desire for a refined but fast-casual dining experience. Stop by for ice cream or shakes, or grab a seat on the outdoor patio for lunch or dinner. Our favorite menu items include the Korean Hot Chicken sandwich and the Turkey Burger with fries.

Egg Harbor

Rounding out our list of places to dine al fresco in Lake Forest is Egg Harbor. Locals love this tried and true breakfast and lunch spot, which is known for its breakfast potatoes, blueberry pancakes, shakshuka, and chorizo chilaquiles. Grab a seat on the outdoor patio or in the tented parking lot, which is set up to accommodate diners amid COVID-19.

Kelmscott Park is only a short walk from many of these great Lake Forest restaurants. With only a limited supply of available units and homes, time is running out to see what all the talk is about. Reach out today to schedule a tour. 

New condo model at Kelmscott Park features the sunny 04 floorplan

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The new condominium model at Kemscott Park features the spacious 04 floorplan. This unique layout offers an open concept with a large living room, adjoining dining area and chef’s kitchen with center island. The large chef’s kitchen boasts custom floor-to-ceiling cabinetry, Wolf, Sub-Zero, and Asko stainless steel appliances, and stone countertops.

This 1,772 sf condominium includes 2 large bedrooms and 2.5 bathrooms. A truly unique feature of this floor plan is that both bedrooms feature en-suite bathrooms and the primary bedroom includes 2 walk-in closets. This plan also includes a den, adjacent to the dining area, offering the perfect spot for a home office or media room. Additionally, the 04 plan has a full laundry room with side by side washer and dryer.

Kelmscott Park’s maintenance-free community features a fitness center and indoor and outdoor lounges. Located just a quick walk from downtown Lake Forest and the Metra, buyers are falling in love with the gracious floorplans, high end finishes, and impressive features.

Contact our team today for to schedule a tour!