Downsizing Questions Answered: Will Less Mean More for You?

As kids start to fly the proverbial coop and your needs begin to evolve into something different, you may be considering downsizing. That often-discussed term among empty-nesters and the retirement set need not be feared, but rather approached soundly and with enough information to make an informed decision that will ultimately empower you to achieve the lifestyle you’re looking for. You’ll want to begin by asking yourself several important questions.

Does your current house meet your needs?

Often times we’re in search of more condensed space once children leave the house. While decreasing square footage, you don’t want to compromise on common space. For example, you may require fewer bedrooms and bathrooms, but don’t skimp on open space for entertaining and house guests. Perhaps with more free time on your hands you’ll want to utilize the kitchen more frequently or engage in hobbies that require extra mixed-use space. With units at Kelmscott Park offering two or three bedrooms, gourmet kitchens with open floor plans and plenty of outdoor entertainment space, there are a multitude of options to fit the needs of a buyer looking for little less day-to-day space, while maintaining the ability to host guests for a dinner party or extended stay.

How much does it cost to downsize?

Moving into a smaller space can oftentimes result in a financial savings. While you’ll want to factor in more than just the list price of your smaller space, with historically low interest rates, you’re likely to realize some degree of savings. You’ll also want to take into account real estate and moving fees, as well as taxes or any association dues if you’re moving into a housing community. Downsizing can also result in long term energy savings, especially when choosing energy efficient new construction options. And while there are always hidden fees when moving, the goal of downsizing is to ultimately reduce expenses while eliminating extraneous space and responsibility.

Is your current home overwhelming you with maintenance?

Yardwork and basic household chores can begin to feel overwhelming later in life. A large yard with copious amounts of landscaping are no longer required amenities and maybe even more of a nuisance. Look for options that may have smaller yards but don’t sacrifice on patio space. Some communities, including Kelmscott Park, provide a maintenance-free lifestyle with a grounds crew on-site to take care of any required landscaping or small maintenance.

Before you begin considering changes and downsizing to a smaller home, a good place to start may simply be downsizing your belongings and assessing what you really need moving forward. Moving can be a stressful time but ultimately, the result should be rewarding and meet your needs for years to come.

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