Flex Your Space; Dens Deliver Advantages Beyond an Extra Sofa and Chair

By April 2, 2021Press Release

The layout of a home and efficient use of flex space has, of course, always been essential. But as we find ourselves navigating within a pandemic and post-pandemic environment, additional square footage for at-home activities has never been more important. Several of the Kelmscott Park units boast generous dens allowing today’s buyer a multitude of ways to creatively use additional space while reflecting your own needs and style.

Home office but make it cross-functional

One of the more traditional uses for a bonus room is as a home office. Having an ergonomic desk, bookshelves and organizational units offers those working from home a secluded area that enhances productivity. But functionality need not be boring or one-dimensional. Add a comfy chair along-side the bookshelves and the space quickly doubles as a library for a quiet reading escape. Select versatile, easy-to-move furniture to conveniently switch up the look and feel of the room or transition the space for multiple uses. In what is one of the more quintessential uses for extra space, an office or study provides a dedicated room for working from home or simply a quiet place to conduct a phone call.

Dens that double as an extra guest room

If overnight guests are expected frequently, perhaps a pullout sofa is in order. Couple it with a television and functional end tables and a cozy den easily transforms into the perfect guestroom. And if those guests happen to be little ones or grandkids, there is plenty of room for bean bags, easels or art tables, an additional chest of drawers, or organizational shelving for books and toys. This tucked-away space will leave you and your guests with all the room you need to enjoy each other’s company without it ever feeling like they’ve overstayed their welcome.

Home gyms and hobby space

At-home exercise has become one of the biggest trends over the last year. An extra room can easily be utilized for exercise equipment ranging from cardio machines such as a stationary bike or treadmill, to free weights and a yoga mat. Take your workout to the next level by installing some wall mirrors and a shelf for towels, bottled water and candles. You’ll no longer have an excuse to ever skip a workout, as it will never be easier or closer to get to the gym!

Designating an area for your favorite hobby provides a great opportunity to really focus on what you love to do. An extra room allows you to build a space for painting, writing, crafts, practicing music and more. Incorporate shelves to store supplies or a table for large projects and you’ll soon find it easier than ever to get lost in your free time. Or dedicate the space for a piano or other instrument for a more private place to get lost in the sounds of your own music.

Regardless of your needs, the value of a flex room can’t be overstated. Ideas are only limited by creativity when determining how to best use a traditional den for your own needs. Above all, not only does the extra space allow for a unique room you might have not otherwise incorporated into your home, it also contributes to further organization no matter how you use it. Kelmscott Park offers spacious floor plans, many with flex space that can accommodate your evolving needs. Whether a game room, entertainment room or ultimate relaxation space, your home will offer you further flexibility to fit your needs during those times when it may be more difficult to get out, or you simply require a space that caters to your dynamic lifestyle.

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