Kelmscott Park Construction Update – September 2018

Kelmscott Park Construction Update for September 2018


The Kelmscott Park Condominiums start to take their final shape with a water-tight building, teams finalize exterior brick façade and begin to work on the detailed interiors.

Recent Progress Onsite

August and September were busy months onsite at Kelmscott Park. Following the completion of the condo building roof the building is now water tight and the Focus construction teams began installing the mechanical, electrical, and plumping systems throughout the building. During this phase, 1st and 2nd floor condo home owners, walked their future homes and received a pre-drywall orientation with our construction team superintendent.
The Focus teams began dry-walling the first floor over the last two months, which gives shape to the spaces within each future home. With the exterior façade nearly complete and the roof installed, teams have also begun to receive deliveries of the high-end interior finishes selected by each homeowner.

The single-family homes at Kelmscott Park also had an exciting close to summer. After digging and securing the foundation for the second home at the end of July, teams began framing the home in August. Over the last two months, teams have finalized most of the exterior walls and the iconic gabled roofs that have become a staple of the Kelmscott Park community. Additionally, the work on the first single-family homes is nearly complete with teams working tirelessly on the fine, interior details of the home. The first home is expected to be delivered in late fall.

What to Expect in the Coming Months

October will be the time our teams turn their attention to the interior finishes within the building.  Before that, though they will finish all the exterior details, including installation of the patios and balconies before beginning to install landscaping.

Our schedule anticipate that by the end of the month, the teams should be installing tile flooring and anticipating cabinetry deliveries for the first floor units after which they will move towards the second and third floors.