Kelmscott Park Construction Update Winter 2018

By January 2, 2019Press Release

Kelmscott Park Construction Update Winter 2018

As the year comes to a close, construction at Kelmscott Park closes in on completion.

The previous months

November and December flew by onsite at Kelmscott Park. Teams completed work on the large stone balconies along the west and east facades. In addition, teams began to polish the landscapes around the building, leveling out the surrounding soils, installing plants and adding sidewalks. The early onset of cold weather in November has proven challenging as our team attempts to finish landscaping installation.   We were able to install plants on the South, West and North sides of the building.  Some of the plantings, such as evergreens and the herbaceous plants will be installed in late Spring, 2019 in order to ensure optimal growing conditions.

The condo interiors saw most of the progress made onsite last month. Working from the first floor up to the third, teams finalized dry wall installations, painted and began installing cabinetry, countertops and plumbing trim on the first floor.

6 single family homes are now sold, with 1 homeowner already moved in, 2 under construction and 3 in the design phase.  The two homes under construction are completely framed and under roof.  One of the two has finished rough mechanicals while the other has been fully drywalled.

In the coming months

In January, our team will continue to focus on the interior of the condominium building. Our schedule anticipates that we will continue installing interior finishes like closet shelving, countertops, and plumbing trim working from the second floor up to the third. Weather permitting, we will also install landscaping on the East side of the building.

In the coming months, the single-family homes will continue to progress. One home is scheduled to start exterior stucco in January while the other two homes in process will start installing drywall and interior trim and tile.