Kelmscott Park Welcomes the Rauschers Back to the North Shore

By April 20, 2021Press Release

After accommodating their careers with a move to the Boston area in 2001, Jamie and Steve Rauscher were recently drawn back to Lake Forest and The Residences at Kelmscott Park. They were familiar with the area after having lived in nearby Lincolnshire for 18 years, where they raised their two sons who were both born at Lake Forest Hospital. The convenience of working from home, and the desire to be closer to family, propelled them to make a change that allowed them to be closer to their loved ones while also enjoying a familiar place — with the benefits of a vibrant community and close proximity to Lake Michigan’s shoreline.

When they found Kelmscott Park, Jamie and Steve both knew the amenities and location would contribute to the ease of lifestyle they were searching for, while also providing the space and flexibility Kelmscott’s condominium units offer. In fact, they have already modified the den/third bedroom in their  unit, converting  it into a media room that can double as a guest bedroom for their young grandchildren. The Rauscher’s were kind enough to share the journey that led them to their new home while also telling us what they love about Lake Forest.

What were your motivations for moving?

By 2017, both of our children had finished college and married. They had moved to the Midwest and our first grandchild was on the way. We were living in a house in Lexington, MA that was much too big for two people. While we knew we wanted to downsize, we weren’t sure where we wanted to live. We considered a condo or townhome in the greater Boston area, where we had lived for many years.

At the same time, we wanted to be closer to family and many of our long-time friends. With our children in the Midwest, and Jamie’s family near Lake Forest, we began to consider moving back to the area.

During your home search, what were the must-have features on your list?

Our home in Massachusetts was about 4,300 square feet and we wanted to downsize but still have plenty of room, so we focused on condos and townhomes with at least 2,000 square feet. Additionally, we wanted two parking spots in an attached garage, which we initially found very difficult to find. Other non-negotiables on our list centered around location, as we wanted to be close to parks, bike paths, beaches, a downtown area with walkable restaurants and shopping, a train station for easy trips to the city, as well as a high-quality health care affiliated with a top academic institution.

How did you first learn about Kelmscott Park? 

After a couple of trips to Chicago, we narrowed our search down to Highland Park and Lake Forest. We wanted to be closer to the lake and saw an advertisement for Kelmscott Park. We immediately decided to book a showing during our next visit.

What made you decide to purchase a home at Kelmscott Park?

Kelmscott Park immediately matched on our list of location must-haves, its proximity to shopping, restaurants, a bustling downtown, along with beach access and recreation made it second-to-none. Being in Lake Forest was also very important to us, as we love the surrounding community and residents. Additionally, the common space at Kelmscott Park is a significant benefit as we can still enjoy beautiful landscaping and outdoor space without having to take care of a yard. There is also optional access to a  party room and fitness center in the apartment complex across the courtyard. It goes without saying that new construction was a big selling point, because we weren’t interested in remodeling. The design and upscale finishes were just an added benefit – we love the large windows, hardwood floors, custom cabinetry, spacious premiere bathroom and closets.

Which residence/floor plan did you choose and why?

We chose a 2,200 square foot condo unit with two bedrooms and a den that can double as a guest room or media room. As part of our downsizing journey, we visited many different properties, even before we were ready to move. This seemed like just the right amount of space for our needs. The configuration of this unit was what we were looking for because we required flexible living space that could do double duty. We also wanted a condo rather than a single-family home because we wanted to spend less time on household maintenance and more time with our grandchildren.

What do you enjoy most about living at Kelmscott Park?

We love being  close to all of the amenities we were seeking, and we love living in Lake Forest. Life during the pandemic has been difficult for everyone, but it has been much more bearable in our new home.

What do you like to do in your spare time?

Freed from the responsibility of owning a large home, we have more time to visit with family and participate in various recreational activities. We both play tennis in the summer and platform tennis in the winter, so we spend a lot of time at Lake Forest Club. We enjoy taking walks and bike rides throughout the area’s many designated trails and paths. We both enjoy reading, so having the Lake Forest Public Library down the street is very convenient! Steve also takes advantage of the surrounding golf courses with old friends once or twice a week, while Jamie enjoys cooking and baking, for which the spacious kitchen and high-end appliances are perfect.

We’re looking forward to life post-COVID-19 when we can resume traveling, going out to dinner and concerts at nearby Ravinia Festival.

To learn more about Kelmscott Park and to explore available homes, please reach out today.