The Bonus of a Great School District

By April 10, 2020Press Release

Let’s talk about schools

We’ve all heard the old real estate adage, “location, location, location,” but nowadays it’s more like “schools, schools, schools”. Now, more than ever before, school districts are THE deciding factor for home buyers.

A home in a desirable school district can hold a better resale value than a similar home in a less-stellar district.  According to research conducted by, home values inside highly rated school districts were 49% higher than the national median home price. For access to a top-tier school district, buyers are more willing to compromise and pay a premium. Furthermore, homes in top-ranking districts often sell faster than homes in less desirable districts. found that these homes sell eight days faster on average when compared to comparable product in less desirable districts.

While not all buyers at Kelmscott Park have school aged children, the value of their homes is boosted by the extremely desirable Lake Forest School system. Consisting of six public elementary schools, one high performing high school, and five private schools, Lake Forest has one of the most sought-after school districts in Illinois.

Along with the top-rated schools, Lake Forest offers many afterschool programs and community activities. Champions is the before and after school program offered for kids in grades K-8. Children have time every day to explore their own interests in areas like creative arts, reading and writing, math and science, etc… The program also offers homework help, as well as teaches children healthy habits. Each individual school offers a variety of clubs and activities, such as eSports club, music production club, running club, and more.

Lake Forest Elementary School District 67’s boundaries includes the City of Lake Forest only. The boundaries of Lake Forest Community High School District 115 include the communities of Lake Bluff, Lake Forest, and Knollwood.

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