Top 5 benefits of buying new construction

By March 2, 2020Press Release

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Top 5 benefits of buying new construction

The recently completed, Kelmscott Park is breaking the myth that buying existing construction might be more affordable than buying new construction. Below are the top 5 benefits of buying a new construction home or condo at Kelmscott Park!

  1. Energy efficient – New construction homes have new appliances, are better insulated and have brand new windows. All these factors and more result in homeowners using less energy and lowering their utility bills. At Kelmscott Park, the homes feature LED lighting, energy efficient gas forced-air furnaces and energy efficient rooftop air conditioning units which contribute to their energy efficiency.

  1. Safety and Security – New construction homes must meet a constantly evolving list of building codes. These codes are based on research and experience gained by the industry over time with the goal of making homes safer and more secure than an older, existing homes.


  1. Maintenance – New construction homes require less maintenance than existing homes. Everything in the home is new, which means you can expect to spend less maintaining and you won’t have expensive improvements to make after closing. Kelmscott Park is also a maintenance free community, which means you’ll spend less time tending to your yard, and more time enjoying your new home and neighborhood.Caterer's Kitchen in Private Dining Space
  2. Amenities – Not only do new construction homes have the most up-to-date features, but they also can offer buyers a more convenient lifestyle. At Kelmscott Park, residents can utilize the KP Club, which features a fitness center, event space, catering kitchen, lounge, and private dining room.


  1. Resale Value – While resale value is never guaranteed, due to the uncertainty of the local market and economic factors, new construction homes tend to have a higher resale value than older homes. Value can be held in the location of the home and its walkability, age of systems and even the amount of natural light the home gets. While a new buyer can renovate a home at any age, new construction homes have a more up-to-date design, as well as features new buyers are looking for.

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